Font Problems In Reading Malayalam
If you are facing problem in reading, please go through the instructions below. This should be able to solve your problems with font. Still, if you face problem, please click here to download the font

Check your browser version. Browsers that can view without downloading fonts are: Internet Explorer 4.0 or above for Windows.
Move to a blank page, then delete the browser cache(s).
In IE, goto Internet Options in Tool menu and click on the Clear History button to clear the cache. Now, force the page to reload by holding down the Shift key while clicking the Reload or Refresh button.
If you have browser versions earlier to the above specified, please either download the latest version of your browser or download the font from to read the news in Malayalam.
Malayalam characters in Internet Explorer
Encoding On the IE5 or above right click the mouse button, choose Encoding in the menu displayed. Then choose: User Defined on the Encoding list. If this option is not seen, choose More. In More list, Choose User Defined. On the IE4 View menu, choose Fonts then select User Defined.  
Malayalam font on a Linux system
Please follow the following steps to install the fonts on your linux machine
Download the font from
Find out the fonts directory for true type X-Window font server.
It may be running as either xfs or xfstt.
Some possible names for the font directoriesmay be: usr/share/fonts or usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts
Copy the fonts in the fonts directory.You will need to be Root / Superuser to do this.
Reboot the system.
If you do not have the root permission you may try the following steps:
(This may not work for all versions of linux. You may have to contact the system administrator in that case.)
Create a directory for storing fonts in your login and suppose we call it 'fonts'.
That is the directory path will be $HOME/ fonts
Copy the font in the fonts directory.
Change current directory to $HOME/fonts.
Run ttmkfdir > fonts.dir
Run ttmkfdir > fonts.scale.
These will create 'fonts.scale' and 'fonts.dir' files in the directory.
Now run the following commands .
/usr/X11R6/bin/xset fp+ $HOME/fonts
/usr/X11R6/bin/xset fp rehash
The fonts are installed.
Malayalam font on a Windows system
Click here to save the font file
Save the font file to Fonts folder in Windows/Winnt folder in C drive in your system.
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