Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, an Argentine the new Pope

Vatican: Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio an Argentine has been elected as the new pope. He is from Jesuit congregation and the first Latin American to become the pope. He will be known as pope Francis.
Bergoglio becomes the first pope to choose a name in tribute to Saint Francis of Assisi. This reflects his love to the poor.

White smoke seen from the Sistine Chapel shortly after 19:00 CET on March 13, signalling the election of a new pope.Then bells rang out over St. Peter's Square in Rome, a crowd of thousands gathered over there cheered. It was after one hour of the election the identity of the new pontiff was revealed from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica by French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran. After few minutes
Pope Francis stepped forward to deliver his first public address and blessing to the crowd , asking for the prayers of 'all men and women of good will' to help him lead the Catholic Church.
Speaking in Italian the new pope asked the world to set off on a path of love and fraternity.
He concluded by bidding the huge crowd: 'Good night and have a good rest.'

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